Mat anti-slough Apex Domus S

marfega antiescares apex domus s palafrugell baix emporda girona

Recommended for patients with low risk of ulcers appearance for pressure (UPP) or for the treatment of UPPs of 1st
degree maximum (Braden scale 16-23 score). Pressure mitigation: basic.
 Maximum patient weight supported: 120 kg.
 Domus S relies on an alternating pressure therapy (the cells inflate and deflate redistributing the pressure on 9.6 minutes
 It’s a mat that needs a mattress on the base and has 16 cells of 12,5cm height, according to the last EPUAP
recommendations (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel).
 It also has an area for pressure easing for the heels: the cells inclination decreases at the 8 last cells to improve the
pressure alleviation.
 Technical specifications:


Dimensions: (length x width x tall) 200 x 85 x 12,5 – 9 cm, Compressor 23,7 x 11,2 x 9,5 cm

Weight: 3,1 kg, Compressor 1,4 kg

Cells: 16 PVC cells of 12,5 cm

Flaps for mattress base fitting: Yes

Voltage: Compressor AC 230V, 50 Hz

Maximum air exit: Compressor 4 liters / minute